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Student Media

Student Media Board

The Student Media Board is a forum for students, faculty and staff to help direct the operational policies at The Daily Evergreen and Chinook. The public is welcome to participate in monthly meetings and to propose agenda items on any issues not related to content of the publications. Board members, who are appointed to three-year terms by the university president, select and may remove the Chinook editor, Evergreen editor and advertising manager. The board is regulated by the Statement of Policies established in 1998.


  • To monitor all publications and to develop, implement and mediate policies of governance for Student Media.
  • To act as a liaison between The Office of Student Media and the campus and community at large, and to act as an advocate for the students and their publications.
  • To approve the annual budget and capital investments.
  • To provide, with the help of professional staff, input for long-range planning and goals in all areas of responsibility.
  • To appoint student managers for all publications in accordance with the Operating Bylaws.
  • To establish, consolidate or discontinue any publication under its control, subject to approval of the university president and the Board of Regents.
  • To ensure that facilities and equipment shall be used only for productions of Student Media.
  • To ensure that all properties, funds, securities and titles of any publications established under Board of Student Media authority shall be managed in accordance with the fiscal management policies of Washington State University.
  • To approve operating bylaws and to adopt grievance and appeal procedures.